How to add a custom background to Octo's hooking template!

It is very easy to do, I made some simple code for you to be able to implement this yourself.

Basically, go over to, and paste the following code right under “//Scrollview for toggles”. You will need to replace the previous code with this one, or simply “comment it” with a “//”. Very easy :smiley:


InputStream open3 = getAssets().open("IMAGE");
            ScrollView scrollView = new ScrollView(this);
            scrollView.setLayoutParams(new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(-1, convertDipToPixels(260.0f)));
            scrollView.setBackground(Drawable.createFromStream(open3, null));

Now, once you do that, you can change your image to anyone you like, just change the “IMAGE” part to your images name!

It is very easy, and makes the menu look even more unique, enjoy :smiley:

For reference, it should look something like the below image;